What to expect

Expect to be welcomed and engaged, to be challenged and to grow, to recover and to be happy again!


BoardPrep performs admissions on a same-day or next-day basis on most occasions. When possible, we prefer to schedule the admission in the morning, early in the week on a Monday or Tuesday. Upon arrival at the BoardPrep treatment facility at 2522 W. Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa Florida, staff welcomes new patients and families.


After some initial paperwork, the new patient meets with a clinician for initial assessment and to develop an initial treatment plan. During the intake, family members meet with staff for initial orientation and get questions answered.


Next, medical staff performs vitals and initiate lab work. The nurse of doctor then sees the patient if immediately available. Then, staff processes prescription medications and additional lab work.

Property procedures and orientation

Next, staff performs property procedures and further orients the new patient to the program. Then, staff checks belongings for safety with the patient present. Then, staff separates items that will not be safe in a treatment environment and either gives them to family or stored in the in secure location.

Assign buddy and show house/room

Then, staff assigns a same-gender “buddy” to the new patient. Senior patients perform “buddy duties” as a way to be of service to new patients and “give back.” They look forward to the opportunity. Everyone remembers how it can feel to be the new person in a strange place. Buddies provide information, companionship and support in-between treatment sessions and activities.

Groceries and other essentials

BoardPrep staff and senior patients care for and feed new patients for the first couple of days and nights in the residences. However, we are usually procure your personal groceries within 24-48 hours. Also, staff will make every effort to accommodate any essential needs in the meanwhile.