Recovery Residences

Recovery Residences are dedicated, gender-specific, exclusive private residences. They are utilized to enhance the BoardPrep treatment experience by providing a safe and supportive living situation during the treatment process. The residents’ days and evenings are filled with treatment sessions at the BoardPrep Recovery Center, positive activities for personal growth and sober fun. So much so that alumni often say that they miss the camaraderie and support after they move out!

Experience has shown that unnecessary confinement can fuel disengagement, resistance and resentments, making it even tougher to recover. Therefore the BoardPrep method emphasizes choices that are positively correlated with engagement, motivation and long-term best outcomes. Recovery Residences are safe and effective alternatives to institutional approaches. Through a combination of support, monitoring, motivational strategies, camaraderie and accountability – Recovery Residences in combination with a Best Practices Treatment Program, delivers superior results.

Home and living situations are assessed individually. Patients and families are advised on optimal living circumstances that will facilitate best outcomes in the desired timeline.

Recovery Residence Description:

  • Private, wholly owned, discreet, dedicated homes
  • Exclusive
  • Confidential
  • Nicely furnished
  • Private rooms available
  • Gender-specific
  • Buddy-system
  • Monitored and safe
  • Active and engaging
  • Recovery-focused activities
  • Tapping into the power of the group
  • Close to the grocery store, gym and the “best 12-step meetings in Tampa”
  • Minutes from the best hospitals and physician practices in Tampa
  • Facilitated recovery-support activities in the community
  • 5-minutes from Tampa International Airport


Recovery support services make BoardPrep’s “PHP-plus” treatment model (also known as The Florida Model) robust during treatment and effective for long-term recovery after treatment.

  • Traveling and remote sober coaching
  • In-home and remote family sessions
  • In-community recovery support
  • Home visits (local and remote)
  • Expert advocacy with employers & practice partners, regulatory & monitoring organizations, courts
  • From day one, BoardPrep patients matriculate into our eHealth system, learning and practicing daily accountability through a robust toxicology and biomarker sampling process (urine, blood-spot, hair, nails as indicated, on a frequent and randomized schedule.)


BoardPrep offers ASAM levels of care 0.5 outpatient to 2.5 PHP with recovery residence  for substance use and co-occurring disorders. We emphasize an in-community recovery-immersion experience that allows participants to live in a less restrictive environment than “lock-down”programs. Our in-community recovery support methods include frequent pro-recovery group outings and more frequent abstinence-compliance fidelity checks than most treatment centers. This enables a sharper focus on real-world recovery, including family and environmental cues and triggers for individuals who are clinically appropriate for level 2.1 – level 2.5 with recovery residence. Participants who live outside of a comfortable commuter range or who simply need the extra support are encouraged to stay in available Recovery Residences.