Safe and effective detox is tied to long-term success in recovery. Longer, medically supervised detox is best! At BoardPrep Recovery Center, we have two options for detox. Beginning with an assessment, our physician will help determine the best course. Many factors, including physical condition, the drugs involved, other medical issues, as well as behavioral stability are all closely considered.

If close observation by an RN is appropriate, we will recommend and help facilitate a discreet, private hospital admission for medical necessity, assuring continuity with treatment after detox.

Our experience has shown that this is the safest and most effective detox approach, as well as the best way to access health benefits through insurance when acute services are needed. If a patient’s detox symptoms rise to the level that requires close medical supervision, our feeling is that the best place for that is a fully equipped hospital environment.

Call an BoardPrep to begin the conversation about your detox and treatment needs. We are not a “call center.” When you call BoardPrep, you will speak confidentially to a highly trained and experienced professional.

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