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A $2500 fee is all that is required to get the intervention process started right away. This amount usually covers the entire intervention procedure unless extenuating circumstances arise, like multiple planning sessions, but that is usually not an issue. If you choose to place your loved one at BoardPrep Recovery Center for treatment, the first month of treatment runs about $9500 and out-of-network insurance benefits may apply but a minimum deposit of $5000 for treatment is required upon admission.

We can begin the intervention process today and your loved one could be safe in treatment with 24-72 hours. We are licensed and experienced clinicians. Safety first AND results, these are what matter most in an intervention.


Interventions are effective when properly planned and executed. An intervention is when intense persuasion is used, facilitated by a professional, to motivate a loved-one to enter and complete a selected treatment program. Interventions are designed to overcome obstacles and excuses, motivating the impaired person to enter treatment for help immediately. Interventions are most effective when organized and facilitated by a knowledgeable and experienced intervention professional. BoardPrep utilizes clinically licensed and very experienced clinicians for interventions, so that we are prepared for any contingency.

The intervention process begins with identifying the people who are close to the person, who will be most influential in the persuasion. A strategy is developed to accomplish the goal. If a one-to-one motivational strategy is preferred as a starting place, an approach will be developed and executed. Alternatively, if necessary, a group of two or three is formed. One or two sessions follow to educate the members about the dangers of enabling and develop a strategy for the confrontation. Problem-solving and logistics are thought out and decided. The final session is quickly scheduled for the group, facilitated by the expert interventionist, to address the alcoholic-addict. Before the final intervention meeting, arrangements for inpatient treatment services must be in place. The individual is transported directly to treatment at the end of the meeting.


Call 813-600-7929 to talk to an intervention expert about available options for your loved-one or colleague.