Our story

High volume, for-profit rehabs, as well as insurance-driven, hospital-based programs and institutions dominate the treatment field. These approaches are limited in their ability to affect recovery.  Poor outcomes are stigmatizing for the individual and the recovery community. John Harden and Liz Harden established BoardPrep Recovery Center with a single mission, to provide the most engaging and effective experience possible for each person, utilizing the latest treatment knowledge and technology available.

From day one, BoardPrep patients enjoy a more personalized and engaging experience. BoardPrep’s right size and great location, as well as the staff and programming are all carefully selected to engage newcomers into recovery. New patients also matriculate into BoardPrep’s eHealth recovery monitoring system, learning and practicing daily accountability that is designed to last far beyond initial treatment.  “In-community recovery support” is a key innovation that sets BoardPrep apart. This includes home-visits or tele-health by licensed clinicians and real world “twelve-step facilitation” as a core treatment modality.

A welcoming and engaging approach is the hallmark of BoardPrep Recovery Center

The BoardPrep men’s and women’s recovery residences compliment treatment by providing a safe and supportive living experience during early recovery. Private rooms with shared living areas are available. BoardPrep also offers “residential treatment in your own residence” for local patients who are physically stable and who demonstrate the ability to engage in treatment from their own homes, with the support of their families.

BoardPrep began receiving patients on July 7th and became fully accredited Joint-Commission-logo-smallby the Joint Commission on August 22nd, 2014.

Men’s and women’s recovery residences opened January 2, 2015.

BoardPrep treatment is targeted and enhanced to meet the rigorous standards of regulatory, safety and credentialing Boards.

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