Health Professional Program

Health Professionals Program

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“Health Professionals Program” is a designation used by clinicians who specialize in the evaluation and treatment of licensed health professionals with substance use disorders, addiction and dual diagnosis. If this recommendation is given and agreed to by the Medical Director of the State PHP Professional or Physician Health Program, Dental Wellbeing Program or Nurses’ Program (such as PRN or IPN in Florida), the participant must enter a rehab that is approved provider of the Department of Health to treat licensed health professionals.

BoardPrep Recovery Center is an approved healthcare specific treatment provider by Florida’s Department of Health, Professional’s Resource Network and Intervention Project for Nurses. Many other programs throughout the U.S. also refer their health professionals to BoardPrep.

BoardPrep Advantages:

  • Approved by PRN, IPN, Florida Department of Health and other State Programs
  • Engaging
  • Affordable
  • Great location
  • NIDA  best-practice provider

Experienced Advocacy with BPRC Health Professionals Program 

Licensed health professionals are not immune to substance use disorders and dual-disorders. Alcoholism and addiction healthcare providers come with  specific challenges. Experience matters when it comes to understanding and providing proper treatment to licensed health professionals. The clinicians of BoardPrep Recovery Center have assessed and treated over 1,000 licensed health professionals (MD, DO, RN, CRNA, ARNP, DMD, DVM, DC, Med Students, RPh, etc.) from Florida and across the nation in the past 16 years. BoardPrep is an approved provider for the Florida Department of Health and is also approved by many other States for the treatment of their licensed health professionals.

sad-surgeon-000037830376_XXXLargeSpecial issues with licensed health professionals in treatment include:

  • proper assessment
  • special drug screening protocols
  • return to work planning
  • experienced advocacy
  • knowledge of regulatory bodies
  • monitoring agencies
  • administrative laws and rules
  • effective peer group in treatment

Contact John Harden at 813-600-7929 to consult about your situation or find out if BoardPrep Recovery Center will be a good fit for your treatment and advocacy needs as a licensed health professional.