Health Pro Eval

“Today is a new beginning”

BoardPrep offers evaluations by clinicians approved by the Florida Department of Health, Intervention Program for Nurses (IPN) and Professional Resource Network (PRN).

Same-day/Next-day Complete* Health Pro Evaluations:

  • $600 for RN, MD, DO, DMD, RPh outpatient assessment
  • *Includes psychiatric & substance assessment, standard med-pro urinalysis, collateral data analysis, full report

5-day Health Pro Evaluations:

  • $3000
  • Includes:
    • Psychological testing
    • 5-days of observation, behavioral analysis
    • Standard psychiatric & substance assessment
    • Med-pro urinalysis, blood test, hair follicle test
    • Collateral data analysis and full report

The “get help now” option

If you have been referred for an evaluation by PRN, IPN or DOH but would rather get right into treatment instead, that’s OK! For immediate access to our high-quality residential program approved for Florida health professionals, all that is required is a deposit to get the assessment and intake process started right away. The required evaluation will be completed as part of your treatment for no additional expense.

Experience . Compassion . Professionalism

BoardPrep evaluations and treatment programs are approved for all Florida licensed health professionals, including nurses, interns, residents, pharmacists and students. Due to our “approved provider” status by the Florida Department of Health, referring agencies from other States will usually approve BoardPrep’s evaluations and treatment programs for their licensed health professionals. We are happy to contact your referring agency for approval on your behalf.



  • Recovery based on brain-science
  • Prompt reporting to the referring clinician
  • Concierge approach with families
  • Case management expertise
  • Hospital liaison available
  • Doctor to doctor communication
  • Clinician to clinician handoff
  • Vivitrol provider


Derek Robben, MD

General and Addiction Psychiatrist

Dr. Robben has dual board-certifications in addiction psychiatry and general psychiatry and completed his addiction fellowship at the University of South Florida. He heads the Addiction Psychiatry Residency Program at USF.

Dr. Robben was voted “Top Addiction Doctor” in Tampa Bay Area (2016-2017). With his dual certifications and experience, Dr. Robben possesses a unique set of skills that qualify him to handle complex dual diagnosis issues. Dr. Robben also has the honor and distinction of being approved by the Florida Department of Health (all health licensee boards including Board of Medicine and Board of Nursing) for the evaluation and treatment of Florida Licensed Health Professionals, who may be having mental health or substance use issues. This includes participants who may be referred by Florida’s PRN (Professionals Resource Network) or IPN (Intervention Project for Nurses).

Take action to get help!

Call 813-600-7929 now. A licensed clinician who is experienced with PRN, IPN and DOH is available to talk even on weekends and evenings.

Begin the assessment process today and let us advocate for you with your IPN, PRN or DOH. We are licensed and experienced clinicians. We will help you and your loved one understand the options and make the best decision for recovery. Safety first AND results matter most!