Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment Tampa, Florida

BoardPrep Recovery offers leading-edge dual diagnosis treatment in beautiful South Tampa. BoardPrep experts specialize in the treatment of serious addiction and complex dual disorders. Based on the successful physician health recovery model, BoardPrep improves long-term results through enhanced structure, coaching and ongoing recovery monitoring.

Through 30 years of clinical experience, the clinician founders developed the BoardPrep treatment method. BoardPrep’s evidence-based approach improves patient follow-through and outcomes. Furthermore, BoardPrep customizes dual diagnosis treatment plans to better address the complex personal and social challenges people face that can lead to relapse.

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Dual Diagnosis

National Best Practice Provider

Dual diagnosis treatment at BoardPrep Recovery Center in Tampa, Florida meets the highest standards in the field. Our dual diagnosis treatment model aligns with national best-practice guidelines, prescribed by leading researchers. At BoardPrep, a team of experts performs each assessment. BoardPrep offers all levels of care, tailoring the treatment to individual needs.

BoardPrep dual diagnosis treatment includes treatment for co-ocurring mental health problems.  For instance, depression, anxiety and trauma often play a big role in substance use disorders. Therefore, BoardPrep’s addiction psychiatrists see patients at least weekly for the first month of inpatient treatment. Additionally, the clinical psychologist completes objective testing, usually within the first two weeks of inpatient dual diagnosis treatment. Also, dual diagnosis treatment addresses family and environmental risk issues. A licensed and experienced therapist performs weekly webinars with the families and schedules family sessions as needed.

Therapists deliver one to one therapy sessions at least weekly but sometimes more often depending on individual needs. However, some people benefit from several individual sessions a week. Group therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational techniques, experiential
 work and recovery support.

Why Physicians Refer to BoardPrep

Dual diagnosis treatment at BoardPrep Recovery is based on brain-science. Additionally, BoardPrep provides doctor to doctor communication, case management expertise and clinician to clinician handoff.

BoardPrep bases their dual diagnosis treatment program on the successful physician health model of recovery. In that model, eighty percent of treated doctors participating in prescribed follow-up remained successful for 5 years. BoardPrep believes everyone has the potential to be as successful as physicians are at recovery. Therefore, BoardPrep utilizes the same best practices approach for all.

BoardPrep Services

BoardPrep services include inpatient, outpatient, licensed detox program with full psychiatric and psychological services. Additionally, BoardPrep experts perform in-hospital assessments, interventions and court services. Furthermore, dual diagnosis treatment at BoardPrep Recovery in Tampa, Florida is rooted in the 12-step model, with a robust family program and available extended care options.

How to Refer

To refer a family member, colleague, employee, client or patient to BoardPrep, just call. Most of our clients come to treatment through referral from a doctor, therapist, professional, family and alumni. If you are exploring treatment options for someone, we can assist you in the process of getting them into treatment. Call us to discuss the individual circumstances. BoardPrep offers same-day direct admissions, transfers from hospital or detox, phone consultations and tour, assessments by appointment, interventions and court liaison.

Professional referral sources

If you are a doctor, psychologist, therapist, attorney or pastor and wish to have ongoing communication with BoardPrep after admission, please advise us during the initial call. Also, if a letter or other documentation is needed, we are happy to accommodate.

How you can help

Most people who are in need dual diagnosis treatment or suffering from dual-disorders are not going to call on their own. They often need support and guidance during this difficult time. BoardPrep staff are experts at partnering with family and friends to provide the help they need. To get started, whether for simple phone consultation, assessment or treatment, call 813-600-7929.