Mental Health and Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment for Professionals requires a special approach

A private bedroom in an upscale residence sets a relaxing tone, during inpatient treatment. Delicious meals nourish the body and soul. A safe and clean environment reinforces a sense of security. Nurses, physicians, attorneys and other professionals treated for addiction and dual-diagnosis at BoardPrep Recovery, cherish the empathy and sensitivity shown by our team. Already at the lowest point of their lives, they may have feared being further humiliated. Instead, they experience the warmth, compassion and professionalism that is commonplace at BoardPrep. Indeed, it was “just what the doctor ordered.”

BoardPrep’s Professionals Program compares favorably to other nationally approved programs. Health professionals, attorneys and other professionals enjoy a personal touch and less out-of-pocket expense.

Individualized Plans

OPTION 1: Six Week Inpatient + Outpatient Model

Most professionals who come to BoardPrep for inpatient treatment, for the first time, transition to outpatient after approximately 6 weeks.

Eligibility based on multi-disciplinary assessment findings:

  • Professional monitoring program endorsement
  • Absence of complex dual diagnosis
  • Absence of legal problems or board issues (med pros)
  • Legal/board issues are manageable as an outpatient
  • Available high-quality outpatient or IOP near home

Program description

  • Complete A-C phase (described below)
  • Transition to Intensive Outpatient or Outpatient services

Option 2: Twelve Week Inpatient

When needed, BoardPrep uses a 4 Phase/12 Week (84 day) model to structure the treatment experience. The example below is for a professional who completed A through D phase in 12 weeks

Eligibility based on assessment findings:

  • Complex dual diagnosis
  • Legal or Board complications
  • Concerns expressed by professional monitoring program

Program description

  • Complete A-D phase (described below)
  • Then assess need for E Phase (extended Recovery Residence)

Description of the Phases

A Phase: Orientation, detoxification, stabilization, early education & support (about 7 days)

B Phase: Education, acclimation and early integration into recovery community (about 14 days)

C Phase: Introspection, making changes, reducing relapse risk (about 21 days)

D Phase: Clinical hours reduced for work/school, preparation (about 42 days)

Extended Care as needed

E Phase: Full-time work or school while maintaining robust recovery schedule

  • Continue in Recovery Residence, aftercare meetings, individual sessions and psychiatric follow-up as recommended
  • 3-9 months as recommended

The Collaborative Treatment Process

The first 3 phases of BoardPrep’s 5-phase system form the foundation for continued recovery in a less structured setting. Based on ongoing ASAM dimensional assessment, many clients are recommended to return home and continue their recovery in an outpatient or intensive outpatient setting.

When clients transition from B-phase to C-phase, a comprehensive clinical review is undertaken by the interdisciplinary treatment team. Clients are endorsed for transition to outpatient or intensive outpatient at 6 weeks (upon completion of C-phase) based on the following criteria:

  • Behavioral stability and compliance with treatment plan
  • Medication compliance, including Vivitrol when recommended
  • Positive response to treatment
  • Completion of individualized assignment packet
  • Endorsement of professional monitoring program (med pros)
  • “Pre-admission” to OP or IOP completed prior to transition

Making the right choice

Studies show that identifying with or relating to others in treatment is one key to early recovery. When a person goes to a rehab in a place where they feel they do not belong, because they cannot relate to others in the group, it can actually do more harm than good.

BoardPrep Recovery Center, in beautiful Tampa, Florida is a private, exclusive and affordable rehab that pays attention to the unique needs of young adults. You will not find a better approach at any other inpatient or outpatient rehab, whether you are looking in Tampa or nationally.

We are an accredited and licensed drug and alcohol rehabilitation center offering highly effective and affordable addiction treatment to clients currently living anywhere in the country. Unlike some large inpatient rehab centers that are based on volume, our recovery residences are in the real world in dedicated, private, exclusive, gender-specific homes, offering a warm and engaging environment that leads to meaningful change.

Our personalized recovery program offers a multidimensional approach to substance abuse and addiction. Our interdisciplinary team of licensed, certified, and highly experienced abuse and addiction specialists evaluates each client and designs a customized, comprehensive plan for treatment and recovery. We also specialize in tailoring treatment with best-practice elements that result in professional documentation that allows health care professionals or others who work in positions of trust to safely return to work.

Why it matters

Accidental overdoses and suicides among 18 – 30 year olds increase every year. Young adults are quickly progressing to harder drugs such as heroin, fentanyl and crystal methamphetamine before they have a chance to grow up. Once they become addicted, normal development stops. The drugs take over.

Anxiety and depression impact young adults today more than ever. Early intervention prevents lifelong problems. Learning the coping skills and life skills necessary to survive and thrive in today’s world is essential.

Why Physicians Refer to BoardPrep

BoardPrep’s invests in your recovery with an unparalleled clinical team, including a double-boarded Addiction Psychiatrist serving as the full-time, onsite Medical Director. Also, our upscale location and facilities demonstrate our commitment to providing a more positive and engaging experience. Further, BoardPrep’s young adult program, based on recent advances in brain-science, offers same-day and next-day admissions, as well as private rooms. Additionally, when a patient is referred by their doctor, BoardPrep provides doctor to doctor communication, case management expertise and clinician to clinician handoff. Also, with our advanced medical team, BoardPrep provides and administers Vivitrol onsite.

National Best Practice Provider in Tampa, Florida

Treatment at BoardPrep Recovery in Tampa, Florida meets the highest standards in the field for drug addiction help. Our treatment program aligns with national best-practice guidelines, prescribed by leading researchers. At BoardPrep, a multi-disciplinary team of experts performs each assessment. BoardPrep offers all available levels of care, thus tailoring the treatment to the individual need.

BoardPrep’s drug addiction help includes treatment for other mental health problems.  For instance, depression, anxiety and trauma often play a big role in substance use disorders. Therefore, BoardPrep’s addiction psychiatrists continue to see patients at least weekly for the first month of inpatient treatment. Also, treatment addresses family and environmental risk issues. A licensed and experienced therapist performs weekly webinars with the families and schedules family sessions as needed.


These research links show the elements that improve outcomes in alcohol rehab and drug rehab, as well as the overall efficacy of addiction treatment:

If you are concerned about your own or someone else’s substance use or dual diagnosis, call BoardPrep for a complimentary phone consultation or face-to-face evaluation today.

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