Why Can’t He Quit?

The professionals at BoardPrep Recovery Center, an exclusive rehab in Tampa, Florida help families understand the answer to this question every day.

Addiction is not
willful; rather it is a disease that “hijacks”
the brain. When you suggest a person quit or cut back, they may FEEL as though you are telling them to go without food or water or sleep or an important relationship. It is not rational. To them, you are the unreasonable one, not them! But with the right treatment plan and follow-up, over time, the “reasonable brain” comes back. BoardPrep Recovery Center is an exclusive rehab center that specializes in individualized treatment plans that help the person regain control of their brain. This private center offers treatment that’s highly personalized and completely discreet, utilizing the latest scientific advances in recovery from the University of Florida McKnight Brain Institute.

At BoardPrep, we offer a personalized approach to addiction recovery. After a comprehensive, interdisciplinary evaluation, we will design a 30-, 60-, or 90-day plan that addresses the physical, mental, motivational, environmental, and spiritual challenges each individual faces. All treatment activities occur at the BoardPrep Recovery Center at 2522 W. Kennedy Boulevard Tampa. Here, BPRC treatment professionals blend best-practice elements into a treatment plan that is tailor-made to each individual. When the treatment day is over, many of our clients choose to stay at one of our four exclusive, gender-specific recovery residences. These safe havens give patients a place to support one another and socialize in a relaxed, luxurious and pro-recovery environment.

Regain Control of Your Brain—and Your Life—with Private, Affordable Treatment in beautiful Tampa, Florida. Call today for a complimentary phone consultation—and see how BoardPrep Recovery Center can help you build a foundation for lifelong sobriety.

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