Individualized Treatment

Individualized Treatment

Individualized Treatment

At BoardPrep, treatment recommendations are developed methodically, based on the findings of the multidimensional clinical assessment. The findings prescribe and predict both the LEVEL OF CARE (intensity) and DURATION (estimated time before transition to lower level) that will most likely create the best outcome.

When inpatient treatment is recommended, as the starting point, it is because the assessment has highlighted specific clinical needs.

  • Medical/psychiatric safety
  • Therapeutic intensity
  • Comprehensive support

The assessment also helps predict an optimal estimated length of stay. Although length of stay is always individualized to the person, an estimated length of stay is needed for planning purposes for the individual, the family, employer and provider.

Inpatient Options

6 Week + IOP/OP Program

Eligibility based on assessment findings:

  • Absence of complex dual diagnosis
  • Absence of legal problems or board issues (med pros)
  • Legal/board issues are manageable as an outpatient
  • Available high-quality outpatient or IOP near home
  • Professional monitoring program endorsement

Program description

  • Complete A-C phase (described below)
  • Transition to Intensive Outpatient or Outpatient services

12 Week Program (84 day estimated length of stay)

Eligibility based on assessment findings:

  • Complex dual diagnosis
  • Legal or Board complications
  • Concerns expressed by professional monitoring program

Program description

  • Complete A-D phase (described below)
  • Assess need for E Phase (extended Recovery Residence)

Description of the Phases

A Phase: Orientation, detoxification, stabilization, early education & support (about 7 days)

B Phase: Education, acclimation and early integration into recovery community (about 14 days)

C Phase: Introspection, making changes, reducing relapse risk (about 21 days)

D Phase: Clinical hours reduced for work/school, preparation (about 42 days)

E Phase: Full-time work or school while maintaining robust recovery schedule

  • Continue in Recovery Residence, aftercare meetings, individual sessions and psychiatric follow-up as recommended
  • 3-9 months as recommended

The Collaborative Treatment Process

The first 3 phases of BoardPrep’s 5-phase system are the foundation for continued recovery in a less structured setting. Based on ongoing ASAM dimensional assessment, many clients are recommended to return home and continue their recovery in an outpatient or intensive outpatient setting.

When clients transition from B-phase to C-phase, a comprehensive clinical review is undertaken by the interdisciplinary treatment team. Clients are endorsed for transition to outpatient or intensive outpatient at 6 weeks (upon completion of C-phase) based on the following criteria:

  • Behavioral stability and compliance with treatment plan
  • Medication compliance, including Vivitrol when recommended
  • Positive response to treatment
  • Completion of individualized assignment packet
  • Endorsement of professional monitoring program (med pros)
  • “Pre-admission” to OP or IOP completed prior to transition